Mehen is a board game which was played in ancient Egypt. The game was named in reference to Mehen, a snake deity in ancient Egyptian religion..In ancient Egypt, the name Mehen, meaning coiled one , referred to a mythological snake god and to a board game. Contents. Snake god Relationship .Rules for Mehen or The Game of the Snake. Comprehensive instructions for the play of Mehen, the ancient historical Egyptian board game..Mehen is an ancient Egyptian game, references to which have been found already in the predynastic period, before BCE. The game is a .

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    The Rules of Mehen The Game of the Snake. Mehen or the Game of the Snake was a game played by the ancient Egyptians until around BC. It is not known how the game was played and indeed most than most ancient games, theories for game play have varied quite considerably..

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    years history in gelato machines, you will be satisfied with the quality of machine, ice cream pasteurizer, batch freezer, combi machines. How can we offe .

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